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Professional Customized HITACHI EX200 Excavator Shock Absorber

Rubber Engine Mounts
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Professional Customized HITACHI EX200 Excavator Shock Absorber




  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name: Y&F

  • Model Number: For excavator HITACHI EX200 Front

  • Color: Black

  • Sales type: Retail, Wholesale

  • Mark: According to customer needs

  • Appliion: Hitachi excavator Engine mount

  • Quality: Controlstrict 100% test

  • Mass production: Booking

  • Available: In stock



Packaging & Shipping:


Packaging: Customized packing provided
Shipping: Port:Guangzhou
Delivery time: 1-2 days after received the payment





*Widely used in construction machines 

*Made of natural rubber, no unbearable smell
*Over 25 years of industry experience


Engine mounts ( shock absorber ) are used to connect an engine to the frame. They are usually made of rubber and metal. The metal portion connects to the engine on one side and to the frame on the other. The rubber is in-between to provide some flexibility (so engine shake doesn't cause the excavator to shake). These engineered products like anti vibration machine mounts, moulded rubber products, & other industrial rubber products such as rubber sheet, cork sheet, gasket, diaphragms, O ring, expansion bellows, industrial and rubber hoses, buffers, bushes etc. as well as expansion type fasteners etc. find a wide area of appliion in various fields. Provide the connection from the engine to the frame. The number of mounts varies from excavator to excavator.




Here’s our engine mounting list as below:


E120 Front E120 Rear E200B E307 Front
E307 Rear E308 E313 E320B
E330B E336D E70B Front E70B Rear
DH220-3 Front DH220-3 Rear DH220-5 DH280Front
DH280Rear DH130-5 DH300-7 Rear DH300-7 Front
DH55 DH60-7 DH80-7 DH225-7
4D102 6BG1 6D14 6D22
6D31 6D34    
EX120-6 Front EX120-6 Rear EX200 Front EX200-1/2 Rear
EX200-5 Rear EX200-6 Rear EX230 Front EFI EX230 Rear EFI
EX300 EX400Front EX400-1Rear EX450 Front
EX450 Rear EX55 EX60 ZAX120-6 Front
ZAX120-6 Rear ZAX450-7 Front ZAX450-7 Rear ZAX70 Front
ZAX70 Rear      
R200 Front R200 Rear R225-7 R60-5
PC120-6 PC20 PC200-1 PC200-3
PC200-5 Front PC200-5 Rear PC200-6/7(6D102) PC30
PC40-7 PC60 PC360-7 Front PC360-7 Rear
PC450-7 Front PC450-7 Rear    
HD250-7 Front HD250-7 Rear HD250 Front HD250 Rear
HD450 Front HD450 Rear    
SK120 Front SK120 Rear SK200-8 SK230
SK300 SK350 SK60 Rear SK60 Front
SH120 SH200 SH200A3 SH200A5
SH265 SH280 Front SH280 Rear SH340
SH350 SH60    
EC210 Front EC210 Rear 130  
IHI 60 Front IHI 60 Rear Volvo 65 Front Volvo 65 Rear
Kubota 60 Front Kubota 60 Rear YC35 Φ12 YC35 Φ14
YC60 YC85-7 Front YC85-7 Rear World 60
World 85-7 Xugong 230 Front Xugong 230 Rear Suword 60

Suword 90

Suword 230 Front

Suword 230 Rear

Liugong 220-5 Front

Liugong 220-5 Rear      


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