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 Excavator Electric Parts 318-1181  E330B Excavator Speed Sensor

Excavator Electric Parts 318-1181 E330B Excavator Speed Sensor

  • High Light

    digger spare parts


    excavator replacement parts

  • Material
    Steel, Plastic
  • Description
  • Appliion
    330B Excavator
  • Performance
    Sensor, Speed
  • Machine Model
    330B Excavator
  • Weight
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 pcs
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Plastic Bag, Carton
  • Delivery Time
    2-5 working days
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, Western Union
  • Supply Ability
    1000 pcs / month

Excavator Electric Parts 318-1181 E330B Excavator Speed Sensor

Excavator Electric Parts 318-1181 E330B Excavator Speed Sensor





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A. 24 yease experience in the line of the market, produce high quality     excavator spare parts. High quality at competitive price.
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F. Parts available in stock

A. In order to give you fast and accurate pricing information, we need some details about your engine/appliion and the part number of the part you want.
B. If you can not find the parts you want, please contact us
Wholesaler We supply a wide range of spare parts for excavators


Main products:
Seal Series:
arm cylinder seal kit, Boom cylinder seal kit, Bucket cylinder seal kit, main pump seal kit, travel motor seal kit, 
swing motor seal kit, control valve seal kit, center joint seal kit, track adjust seal kit, bushings,
floating seals, o-ring box, pusher, etc.
Engine parts:
cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, crankshafts, camshafts, connecting rods, water pumps, turbo chargers,
engine assys, fan blades, main bearing and connecting rod bearings, pistons, piston rings, liner kits, etc.
Hydraulic parts:
hydraulic cylinder assembly, gear pump assembly, hydraulic pump assembly, travel motor assembly, final drive assembly, swing motor assembly,
main valve assembly, service valves, gasket kits, etc.
Electric Parts:
solenoid valves, water sensors, pressure sensors, throttle motors, stop solenoid, controllers, monitors, etc.
Other Parts:
seal kits, bushings, floating seals, o-ring box, pushers, couplings, engine cushions, bearings, gears, fuel filter
oil filter, air filter, track link assy, front idler, carrier roller, hydraulic oil cooler, water tank, track link assy, etc.


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4436271 YN52S00027P1 9503670-500K 7861-92-2310
4436271 LC52S00012P1 9503670-500K 7861-92-2310
4436535 LS52S00015P1   7861-93-2330
4436535 YN52S00048P1 7825-30-1301 6754-81-9200
4436536 YN52S00016P3 22U-06-22420 6754-81-9200
4436536 LC52S00019P1    
4259333 YW52S0002P1 VHS894101290 4265372
4259333   VHS89411280 1-81510513-0
4353686 SS2B003 MC849577 21E3-0042
4254563 266-6210 MC845235 21E3-0042
4254563 34390-40200 MC845235  
4333040     1-82410160-1


 Excavator Electric Parts 318-1181  E330B Excavator Speed Sensor 0