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Sun Gear Travel Gearbox For Volvo Ec210 Excavator Gears With 7117-30330

Excavator Bearing
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Travel Sun Gear
Inner Packing:
Shrink Film
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Planet Gear:
Pinion / Gear 7117-30330
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hitachi excavator spare parts


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Sun Gear Travel Gearbox For Volvo Ec210 Excavator Gears With 7117-30330


  •  Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)

  •  Product Name: Excavator gear 7117-30330

  •  Model Number: EC210 EC290 Sun gear

  •  Sales type: Retail, Wholesale

  •  Mark: According to customer needed

  •  Quality: Control strict 100% test

  •  Mass production: Booking

  •  Available: In stock


Gears for Travel Motor & Swing Motor available:


Planet Carrier Ass’y, Travel Gear Assembly, Swing Gear Assembly, Ring Gear, Swing Gear, Swing Shaft, Sun Gear, Center Shaft, Gear Drive/Gear Center, Shaft Pinion, Travel Motor Shaft, Planet Shaft, Planet Gear, RV Gear, Traveling Center Carrier, Center Shaft, Motor Shaft Gear, Travel Crank Shaft, Travel Motor Casing, Swing/Travel Pinion, Needle Bearing, Ball Bearing, Shaft Pin, HUB, Flywheel Gear Ring and etc.


EC210B Sun Gear 7117-30330

EC210B Coupling 7117-30180

EC210B Shaft 8230-33140

EC210B Travel Motor Seal Kit

20460099 nozzle


CARRIER ASSY NO.1 : 7117-30270 / 14528727

CARRIER ASSY NO.2 7117-30200 / 14528723

RING GEAR : 7118-30190

SUN GEAR NO.1 : 7117-30330

PLANET GEAR NO.1 : 7117-30340

PIN NO.1 : 7117-30360

BEARING NO.1 : 7117-30320

SUN GEAR NO.2 : 7117-30290

PLANET GEAR NO.2 : 7117-30240

PIN NO.2 : 7117-30250

BEARING NO.2 : 7117-30230

FLOATING SEAL : 7117-30120, 14601683

ANGULAR BEARING : 7117-30110

COUPLING : 7117-30180

RING NO.1 : 7117-30260

RING NO.2 : 7117-30260

PAD : 7117-15230

SNAP RING : 7117-30300

WASHER NO.1 : 7117-30310

WASHER NO.2 : 7117-30220


Sun Gear Travel Gearbox For Volvo Ec210 Excavator Gears With 7117-30330




* Widely used in construction machines
* High quality and reliable
* Over 25 years of industry experience


Excavator Parts Main Products:


Type: Sun Gear, Planetary Gear, Ring Gear, Pin, Hub, Housing, Motor , RV Gear, Crankshaft, Carrier, Shaft Pinion, Prop Shaft, ect.

agory: Swing Reducer, Travel Reducer 

Appliion: Excavator, Bulldozer, ect.



Sun Gear Travel Gearbox For Volvo Ec210 Excavator Gears With 7117-30330

Packaging & Shipping:


Packaging: Customized packing provided
Shipping: Port:Guangzhou
Delivery time: 1-2 days after received the payment



We also supply Swing reducer and Travel Motor parts for excavator following brand:


Komatsu, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Yanmar, Hino, Cummins, , Hitachi, Kobeco, Volvo, Kato, Sumitomo, Daewoo, Hyundai, JCB 


Here is some models for reference:


SK60-5 E320C EX300-5 PC200-1 PC60-6(80T) SK07-N2
320B E325 EX400-3 PC200-3 PC60-7 SK120-2
320C E325C EX60-5 PC200-5 PC60-7(76T) SK120-3
320D E70 EX70 PC200-6 PC60-7(80T) SK120-5
320L E70B EX70 PC200-6 6D102 SH120AI SK200-1/3
DH220-3 EX120-1 HD450-7 PC200-6 6D95 SH200A3 SK200-3
DH220-5 EX120-2/3 HD700-5 PC200-7 SH200AI SK200-5
DH255-7 EX120-5 HD700-7 PC200-7(92T) SH220 SK200-6
DH55 EX200-1 HD770-1/2 PC200-8 SH260 SK200-8
E120B EX200-2 HD820-3 PC220-7 SH280 SK210-8
E200B EX200-3 HD820-3 PC300-5 SH300A3 SK230-6
E311 EX200-5 PC100-5 PC300-6 SH300AI(300A2) SK60-3
E311C EX200-6/ZAX200 PC100-5 PC300-7 SK07-1 SW200
E312 EX270 PC120-6 PC400-3 SK07-2 VOLVO
E320A EX300-1 PC120-6 (4D102) PC400-6 SK07N1 ZAXIS210LC
E320B EX300-3 PC120-6 (4D95) PC60-6 SK07N2 ZX230
































ZAX330-1 3088062 Sun gear(1)
ZAX330-1 3088063 Planetary gear(1)
ZAX330-1/3 3075692 Sun gear(2)
ZAX330-1/3 3088069 Planetary gear(2)
ZAX330-1 1027952 Planetary carrier(1)
ZAX330-1 2044703 Planetary carrier(2)
ZAX330-1/3 4402481 Bearing(up)
ZAX330-1/3 4430716 Bearing(down)
ZAX330-1 1027953 Gear, ring
ZAX330-1 2044704 Shaft
ZAX330-1 1027932 Support
ZAX330-1 9186784 Assy  
SK07 2413J292 planetcarrier
SK07 2413N351F1 planetcarrier
SK07-N2 2413J350 planetcarrier
SK07-N2 2413N391F1 planetcarrier
SK100-5/SK120-5 YW32W01005P1 planetcarrier
SK100-5/SK120-5 YW32W01014F1 planetcarrier
SK200/SK200-3 2413J381 planetcarrier
SK200/SK200-3 2413N462F1 planetcarrier
SK200-3/5 2413J372 planetcarrier
SK200-3/5 2413J380 planetcarrier
SK200-5/SK200-6 YN32W01011P1 planetcarrier
SK200-5/SK200-6 YN32W01019F1 planetcarrier
SK200-6 YN53D00004S002 planetcarrier
SK20-3/SK230-6E 2413J376 planetcarrier
SK20-3/SK230-6E 2413N452 planetcarrier
SK210-6/SK200-6E YN53D00008011 planetcarrier
SK210-6/SK200-6E YN53D00008S002 planetcarrier
SK220-1 2413J375 planetcarrier
SK220-1 2413J377 planetcarrier
SK230-6 2413T376 planetcarrier
SK230-6 LQ32W01007F1 planetcarrier
SK300-3 24100U1079S1 planetcarrier
SK300-3 24100U1079S13 planetcarrier
SK300-3 24100U1079S7 planetcarrier



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