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Neutral Packing Excavator Spare Parts Modern Blade Fan With Electric Fan Ceiling JCB60

Excavator Spare Parts
USD 5.5-20 Piece/Pieces
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Blade Fan
Neutral Packing
Item Name:
Electric Fan
Warranty Time:
6 Months
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heavy equipment spare parts


excavator components

2019 New designer modern Blade Fan with Electric Fan Ceiling with JCB60



Its'advantage of this fan is the so called “banana blade” design. Normally, most people will assume that the wider fan blades the stronger the generationg of air flow. But after putting the both fans to the test, we found out that the banana blade fan design generates faster airflow compared to the traditional wide blade electric fan.

The reason for this is that the narrower surface area of the banana blade fan design permits faster airflow without causing a drag/obstruction because of it’s very small surface area. The wider fan blade design is more efficient at low speeds since the blades are only angled slightly. The banana blade design on the other hand is angle much sharper so it is not efficient at low speeds but when the airflow picks up and the fan reaches fast/optimal speed, the banana blade design runs more efficient in term of electricity relative to the traditional design at the bottom.

So the next time you go out shopping for an electric fan, choose LABELLE fan from Matia Marketing, Inc. Not only do the LABELLE fan uses revolutionary BANANA BLADE design it also gives you better airflow saving you energy in the long run.



Name Fan Blades
Stock In Stock
Oiginal Guangzhou
Key Word Electric Fan
Model JCB60
Condition New designer


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Neutral Packing Excavator Spare Parts Modern Blade Fan With Electric Fan Ceiling JCB60




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