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Cylinder Seal Kits 312b Track Adjuster Seals Excavator Spare Parts

Excavator Seal Kits
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hydraulic cylinder seals


cylinder seal kits


Cylinder Seal Kits 312b Track Adjuster Seals Excavator Spare Parts

Hydraulic cylinder Seal kit for Boom Arm Bucket. Including Dust seal , Back up ring , Rod packing , Buffer ring, wear rings DKIS , URS , HBS for Excavatory cylinder packing

Hydraulic Seal kit Applicable for Excavator . Breaker , Boom , Arm , Bucket
Different choose for main seal

There are 3 kinds of quality levels , good quality level made with Japan NOK oil seal , normal quality level with Taiwan oil seal , low quality level with China oil seal .
We can satisefied different levels of customers .
Professional service and perfect packaging make the seal kit high quality looking and enhance your profit .
If you are looking for a company to help you building your own brand of seals , seal kits , o-ring kits , or any other OEM services for other products . You have found the right one . Our company provides professional OEM services on seals seal kits , o-ring kits and other products . For details ,
please contact us . We will reply you as soon as possible .
 Cylinder Seal Kits  312b Track Adjuster Seals Excavator Spare Parts

Daewoo Kato   Hitachi Hyundia Komatsu
DH-55 HD250-5 E110BUSA ZX-55 R60-5China PC40-3
DH130LC HD250-7 E110BJapanese ZAX-200 R60-7China PC60-3
DH130LC-2 HD400-5 E120B ZAX-200-6 R130LCKorea PC60-5
DH200LC HD400-7 E180 ZAX-210 R130(China PC60-6
DH220LC HD400SE E311 ZAX-230 R200LCKorea PC60-7
DH220LC-3 HD400G E312 ZAX-230-6 R200LCChina PC90
DH220LC-5 HD450-5 E312B ZAX-240 R205-7 PC100-1
DH225-7 HD450SEV-VII E200B ZAX-250 R210LCKorea PC100-2
DH258-7 HD400G E240 ZAX-330 R210LC-3China PC100-3
DH280 HD550G E240B EX601/2/3 R210LC-5China PC100-5/6
DH280-3 HD550-1 E300B EX100 R220-3China PW100-3
DH280-5 HD650-1 E320 EX120-1 R220-5China PC120-1/2
DH290-5 HD700G E320B EX120-2 R220-7 PC120-3
DH300-5 HD700-1 E320C EX120-3 R225-7 PC120-5
DH320 HD700-2 E325 EX160 R245-7 PC120-6
DH320-3 HD700-5 E325B EX200-1 R260 PC130-6
DH320-5 HD700-7 E330 EX200-2/3 R280LC PC150-3
DH330-3 HD700-V2 E330B EX200-5Japanese R280LCChina PC150-5
DH330-5 HD770-1 E330C EX200-5China R290LCKorea PC200-1
DH400LC-3 HD770-2   EX220-1 R290LCChina PC200-2
DH450 HD800-5 E450 EX220-2/3 R290LC-3China PC200-3old
Kobelco HD800-7 Sumitom EX220-5 R305-7 PC200-3new
SK04 HD820 S160EA EX270 R320LC-3China PC200-5/6
SK07-1 HD880-1 S260F2 EX270-5 R320LCKorea PC200-7
SK07-2 HD850G S265F2 EX300-1 R320LC-3Korea PC210-6
SK07-2N HD900-5 SH60 EX300-2/3 R335-7 PC220-1
SK60 HD900-7 SH100 EX300-5 R360LC-3China PC220-2
SK100 HD1023 SH120 EX350-5 R420LCKorea PC220-3old
SK100-2 HD1220 SH200 EX370-5 R450LCKorea PC220-3new
SK100-3 HD1250-5 SH200-2 EX400-1 R450LC-3China PC220-5/6
SK120-2 HD1250-7 SH200-3 EX400-3 Volvo PC220-7
SK120-3 HD1430 SH200-5 EX400-5 EC-140B PC230-6
SK120-6 HD1880-5 SH220 EX450-5 EC-210B PC250-6
SK200-1 Mitsubishi SH300 UH07-3 EC-240B PC300-1/2
SK200-2 MS180-1 SH350 UH07-5 EC-290B PC300-3
SK200-3 MS180-2 SH450 UH07-7N EC-360B PC300-5/6
SK200-5 MS180-3 S2802J UH07-7 EC-460B PC300-7
SK200-6 MS180-5 S280J UH10   PC350-5/6
SK200-6E MS180-8 S280FA EX550   PC350-7
SK200-7 Sumsung S280FJ EX600   PC400-2
SK220 SE210-LC S281F2 EX700   PC400-3
SK220-3 SE280-LC S280F2 EX750   PC400-5/6
SK220-5 SE350-LC S310F2 EX800   PC450-5/6
SK230-6 SE450-LC S430F2 EX1000   PC650-5
SK230-6E   S580F2 EX1100   PC750-6
SK250-3     EX1800   PC800-6
SK300     EX3500   PC1000
SK320-6         PC1600

We dealing Hydraulic Seals

Piston seal -- SPGW , SPGO , SPG , SPGA , NCF , ODI , OHM , DAS , OK , OUY - 1 / - 2 / - 3
Rod Seal / U Seal : IDI , IUH , UN , UNS , UHS
Buff Seal -- HBTS , HBY
Wiper Seal -- DKB , DKBI , DKI , DWI , DLI , VAY , DH , LBH, DSI
Wearing Ring -- WR , KZT , RYT
Rotary Seal -- ROI , SPN
Back Up Ring -- N4W , BRT - PTFE , BRT - NYLON , BRT - T3P , BRT - T3G
O Ring -- P series , G series , AS series , S series , M series
D Ring -- DRP , DRI
Oil Seal -- TC , TB , TCV , TCN , etc
Du Bushing , Lever valve / Control valve seal

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