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White Excavator Spare Parts , Generator Genset Engine Cooling Fan Assembly 4BG1

White Excavator Spare Parts , Generator Genset Engine Cooling Fan Assembly 4BG1

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    excavator accessories


    excavator components

  • Type
    Cooling Fan
  • Color
  • Name
    Fan Blade
  • Packaging
    By Carton
  • Model
  • Condition
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 Piece
  • Price
    USD 5-100 Piece/Pieces
  • Packaging Details
    Neutral packing,Cartons
  • Delivery Time
    5-8work days after payment
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram,PayPal
  • Supply Ability
    2000Pieces per month

White Excavator Spare Parts , Generator Genset Engine Cooling Fan Assembly 4BG1

Generator Genset Engine Parts Engine Cooling Fan Assembly Fan Blade 4BG1

1.What is the Radiator Cooling Fan Blade?

The first radiator fans were mechanical in nature, and fans of this type are still in use today. Mechanical cooling fans are belt driven, which means that they are attached to a pulley that is connected to the crankshaft via a drive belt. When the crank shaft rotates, the fan pulley also rotates, and the fan either pushes or pulls air through the radiator. In many appliions, the radiator fan will actually be bolted up to the water pump pulley.


Product Name Generator Genset Excavator Spare Parts Engine Cooling Fan Assembly Fan Blade 4BG1
Item Name Fan Blade
Apply Used For Perkins
Size 4BG1
Certifiion ISO9001
Warranty 180 Days
Delivery 5-8 Days after payment
Payment Method T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram,PayPal
MOQ 1piece


2.We can offer the engine parts fan blade as follow:

ME055056 Φ550mm-108-128-8 6D22A for MITSUBISHI
30948-32400 Φ580mm-108-128-8 8DC82A for MITSUBISHI
ME060129 Φ640mm-108-128-8 8DC90 8DC91A for MITSUBISHI
ME055319 Φ670mm-108-128-8 6D22 6D22T 8DC9 for MITSUBISHI
31248-39100 Φ700mm-108-128-8 8DC91,91T for MITSUBISHI
ME065378 Φ700mm-108-128-8 6D24T,8DC10/11A for MITSUBISHI
ME075027 Φ600mm-38-65-11 6BG1T 6D14T/6D15T for MITSUBISHI
ME018185 Φ600mm-35-72-11 6D31 for MITSUBISHI
ME035139 Φ500mm-105-136-7 6D14T,15,16 for MITSUBISHI
ME013370/ME014360 Φ430mm-137-153-10 4D34T for MITSUBISHI
ME294831 Φ480mm-105-136-7 6D16T for MITSUBISHI
ME075190 Φ520mm-105-130-9 6D16T,17T for MITSUBISHI
MD050471 Φ410mm-137-152-7   for MITSUBISHI
16306-2430 Φ600mm-108-128-8 K13C for HINO
16306-1933 Φ620mm-108-128-8 K13C for HINO
16306-1183 Φ660mm-108-128-8 EF750/F13C for HINO
16306-2390 Φ680mm-108-128-8 F17C for HINO
16306-2420 Φ700mm-108-128-8 F20C for HINO
16306-2522 Φ720mm-108-128-8 K13CTV for HINO
16306-2080 Φ580mm-108-128-8 H07CT for HINO
16306-1942 Φ600mm-108-128-8 H07CT 16T for HINO
16306-2050 Φ480mm-105-136-7 H07D for HINO
16306-2220 Φ520mm-105-130-9 H06C J08C for HINO
16306-1102 Φ600mm-50-75-11   for HINO
16306-2061 Φ580mm-108-128-8 FM for HINO
  Φ480mm-105-136-7 H07D for HINO
21060-96061 Φ635mm-145-170-9   for NISSAN
21060-97065 Φ650mm-145-170-9 RF8 for NISSAN
21060-97102/21060-97077 Φ670mm-145-170-9 PF6T RG8 for NISSAN
21060-97000 Φ700mm-145-170-9 RD8 for NISSAN
21060-97103/21060-97078 Φ700mm-145-170-9 UD RH8 for NISSAN
21060-97100 Φ600mm-145-170-9 RF8 for NISSAN
21060-95005/6 Φ530mm-112-132-9 NE6,NE6T for NISSAN
21060-Z5505 Φ490mm-130-155-9(7) FE6T for NISSAN
21060-Z5568 Φ510mm-160-177-7   for NISSAN
1-13660-224-0 Φ650mm-145-170-6 6SD1/8PE1/6WA1-TC for ISUZU
1-13660-207-0 Φ640mm-145-170-6 10PC1/10PB1/10PE1 for ISUZU
1-13660-289-0 Φ620mm-36-60-9 6BG1-T for ISUZU
1-13360-140-0 Φ600mm-108-128-10 6BD1-T for ISUZU
8-97141-195-0 Φ430mm-137-153-10 4HG1 for ISUZU
8-94399-288-1 Φ480mm-105-136-7 6HH1N for ISUZU
5-13662-012-0 Φ480mm-105-136-7 6BG1/4HE1/6BF1 for ISUZU
8-94399-286-1 Φ480mm-105-136-7 6BD1 for ISUZU
600-625-6580 Φ580mm-50-89-11 S6D105/6D105 for KOMATSU
660-625-0700/600-625-6620 Φ620mm-50-89-11 6P31 for KOMATSU
16306-2480 Φ700mm-108-128-8   for HITACHI
1-13360-143-0 Φ640mm-145-170-6   for HITACHI
1-13660-289-0 Φ600mm-36-60-9 6BG1-T for HITACHI
1-13360-140-0 Φ620mm-108-128-8 6BD1-T for HITACHI
ME018185 Φ600mm-35-74-7   for KOBELOC
ME065378 Φ700mm-108-128-8   for KOBELOC
ME440903 Φ600mm-38-65-11 6D34-T for KOBELOC
16361-54040 Φ410mm-105-136-7 3L for TOYOTA
16306-60101 Φ420mm-30-51-8 1F for TOYOTA
16361-41010 Φ450mm-105-136-7   for TOYOTA
002 205 9306 Φ680mm-125-138-8   for BENZ
12 307 12 000 Φ680mm-125-138-8   for BENZ
602 200 04 23 Φ460mm-163-121-6 OM606 for BENZ Φ380mm-15 M102 for BENZ
25264-70010 Φ680mm-127-153-8 for HYUNDAI/for DAEWOO for HYUNDAI
907212 Φ560mm-82 8065SRE10 for IVECO
374705 Φ600mm-127-153-7 for SCANIA 320 for SCANIA
F0000-101-13 Φ920mm-125-152-9    
34348-00901 Φ600mm-38-65-10   for MITSUBISHI
8-97161-599-0 Φ540mm-32-54-8 4BG1-T for HITACHI
  Φ455mm   for LAND ROVER
6.126E+11 Φ600mm    
M30 50 52 54 11 52 1 712 058 E32 34 36 46 39 FOR BMW



3.Product Show:

White Excavator Spare Parts , Generator Genset Engine Cooling Fan Assembly 4BG1 0